NEW vewlix 32 LED arcade candy cabinet w/ pandora box 9D game (4 color can be selected)

Sale price$600


NEW china make vewlix 32 LED arcade cabinet.  LG 32" 1080 LCD. Sanwa joysticks and buttons . have 4 color can be selected. blue,red, black, black/white. 

the peice is a pick up from china price.if need shipping outside China ask please 

About shipping fee to usa and canada

add a woodbox add 70usd 

one cab is 975usd , two cabs $1180usd , three cabs is $1470usd .it is from our shiper shipping to usa western price. (to your door . Including taxes and all expenses. This means you don’t have to pay any more cost)

USA Eastern and middle United States Area Each cab add $80usd

Canada western same usa western price. Eastern and middle Canada Area Each cab add $120usd

About Payment.

Agree bank money transfer, alipay,( 3% discount)   paypal (buyer pay paypal consumer)

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